A Florida man is facing two first-degree murd*er charges after police say he stabbed his wife and 2-year-old son to de*ath before trying to k*ill himself by a drug overdose last week.

Jean Carlos Aponte, 40, is accused of ki*lling his wife, Sara Ashley Gama, and his toddler son, Ethan Aponte, on March 26. He is currently being held in jail without bond.

According to a “majorly redacted” arrest warrant, Gama’s father called 911 after he discovered his 38-year-old daughter on the kitchen floor covered in blood. Aponte was found unconscious in the master bedroom. Her father also reported that his grandson was missing.

When first responders arrived at the family’s home on Northwest 97th Avenue, they found Gama with “apparent stab wounds and slashes to her neck.” The 2-year-old boy was later found face down in the pool.

Both were pronounced dead at the scene, and the couple’s 4-month-old baby was found unharmed, WTVJ said.

According to the arrest warrant, the 2-year-old had “four stab wounds to his beck and defensive injuries to his hand.” His cause of de*ath was listed as “sharp force injury and drowning.”

Gama had reportedly been stabbed 28 times and had wounds to her face and neck area, as well as her abdomen. She also had fractures and defensive wounds.

Upon finding Aponte unconscious, police administered Narcan and took him to the hospital, where he was stabilized. He has his first court appearance on Sunday, where he was ordered to undergo a mental health screening.

Following the horrific discovery, Aponte’s ex-wife said the 40-year-old struggled with PTSD after serving in the military.

“To be able to commit something like that is really sad and really scary,” the woman, who did not want to show her face or reveal her identity, said.

She was married to Aponte for just over a year, and while she states that Aponte isn’t a bad person, she said things went downhill after the two got married. The two divorced in 2015.

“After we got married is when he started exhibiting some scary signs. Besides being verbally abusive, it got to a point where it was physical,” she said. “He would grab me the wrong. He would push me to the floor. I know one time he slammed the door on my arm because he was very mad. It got to a point where I was scared all the time.”

Aponte sought help for his mental health. He reportedly started to file a claim with Veteran Affairs to get an official diagnosis and reached out to the Veterans Foundation last year for its services to help with his PTSD and traumatic brain injury.

Aponte’s ex-wife said that she never thought he’d take his violence this far.

“It’s just sad to hear that he didn’t get the help in time or that he wasn’t helped in time,” she said.

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