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Here are today’s interesting historical photos. For part 359, go here.

1. Willem Arondeus was a freely gay Dutch musician as well as writer that signed up with the Dutch anti-Nazi resistance motion.

He took part in the battle of the Amsterdam public documents workplace to prevent the Nazi German initiative to recognizeDutch Jews They took care of to damage 800,000 ID cards, in 1921.

2. A balloon apron is put on hold to safeguard London from air assaults, 1915.

3. Albert Dryden presently he firedHarry Collinson The murder was recorded on electronic camera, 1991.

4. Henry Ford obtaining the Grand Cross of the German Eagle from Nazi authorities on 30 July 1938, on his 75th birthday celebration.

5. Graves of a Catholic Woman as well as her protestant partner in Holland, c. 1888.

6. Argentine soldiers positioning with a penguin throughout the Falklands War, 1982.

7. A banner introducing the opening of Great Dog Butchery, a canine butchery in Paris, France, 1910.

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8. The Old Cincinnati Library prior to being destroyed, 1874-1955.

9. Children using a straw cape, Japan in 1962.

10. Boeing bombing plane plant concealed as an area throughout WWII, 1942.

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