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Nov 22, 2022, notes the 59th wedding anniversary of the 1963 assassination of UNITED STATE President John F.Kennedy With that turning point coming close to, writer Paul Brandus uploaded a quote from Kennedy on Twitter that appeared to prophesy his very own destiny:

The quote, as well as even more context, can be located the 2013 publication, “JFK’s Last Hundred Days: The Transformation of a Man and the Emergence of a Great President,” a publication by chronicler, reporter, as well as writerThurston Clarke The publication both straight prices estimate as well as rewords claimed statements by Kennedy to his close help Dave Powers, onNov 18, 1963, simply 4 days before his assassination:

“Thank God nobody wanted to kill me today!” He made this kind of remark so commonly that Powers normally shrugged it off. This time, he included that if anybody attempted to eliminate him with a high-powered rifle equipped with a telescopic view, he would certainly do it throughout a motorcade, when there would certainly be a lot sound as well as turmoil that nobody would certainly have the ability to aim as well as state, “it came from that window!”

Brandus stated that quote as well as an additional creepy one, made on the actual day of Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas, in a 2015 column for once a week information publication The Week, qualified, “Did JFK predict his own death?” Here’s the flow:

Kennedy additionally relied on the buddy, Dave Powers, that he actually didn’t intend to most likely to Texas later on that week.

“God, I hate to go to Texas,” JFK stated, including that he had “a terrible feeling about going.”

And on the early morning of his murder, Friday, November 22, that awful sensation was still with him.

“Last night would have been a hell of a night to assassinate a president,” he informed his spouse Jacqueline as well as Ken O’Donnell, a leading assistant. William Manchester, in the conclusive account of the assassination–Death of a President — grabs the tale:

“I mean it,” Kennedy stated. “There was the rain, and the night, and we were all getting jostled. Suppose a man had a pistol in a briefcase.” Then Kennedy “gestured vividly, pointing his rigid index finger at the wall and jerking his thumb twice to show the action of the hammer. “Then he might have went down the weapon as well as the brief-case” — in pantomime he dropped them and whirled in a tense crouch — ” as well as disappeared in the group.” [Death of a President]

Brandus took place to state that Kennedy’s addiction on death was possibly as a result of his lots of brushes with it, on account of numerous participants of his prompt family members passing away, as well as his very own near-death experiences.

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JFK was executed at 12:30 p.m. throughout a governmental motorcade with midtown Dallas’Dealey Plaza His murder was stunning as well as distressing as well as, like any type of significant information occasion, has actually produced a gush of reports as well as conspiracy theory concepts since, also over the last few years.

The concept that Kennedy “predicted” his very own death is a historical trope. In 2016, Snopes connected to the JFK Presidential Library inquiring about an additional apparently prescient Kennedy quote that preceded his death. The collection sent out a declaration keeping in mind that the “President had a fatalistic attitude about the possibility of an assassination and this attitude is often referred to anecdotally,” however had absolutely nothing more to include.


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