The brother of an Oklahoma teen mysteriously found de*ad on the side of the highway says he fears someone is covering up what really happened to the 19-year-old.

Noah Presgrove was wearing only his shoes when his body was discovered on a desolate stretch of US-81 near Terral, Oklahoma, on September 4.

He was last seen alive about a mile away at a four-day 22nd birthday party with friends over the Labor Day weekend that was heavily documented on social media.

An autopsy declared Noah’s cause of de*ath to be blunt force trauma to the head and police said his de*ath was no longer being investigated as a mu*rder, but the teen’s family feel they are still looking for answers. 

Noah’s brother Dailen Presgrove said he believed an accident or ‘some sort of other sinister situation played out and is now getting covered up.’

‘Some of those injuries, it just doesn’t seem possible that he would have fallen out of a car,’ Dailen said.

‘There was no tire marks on the street, there was no car parts along the road, his teeth were sitting there next to his face.

‘If he had gotten hit by a car going 65-70 miles an hour, it just doesn’t make sense that the situation looked like it did.’

 Dailen urged anyone with information on Noah’s d*eath to come forward.

‘Whether it’s your own story or whether it’s a story of a friend, we please, please encourage you to reach out to us, to the OHP, to … anyone at all just reach out to them with a message,’ Dailen urged the community.

‘As time continues to pass and these interviews continue to play, I know it has to be eating them up inside.’

Photos of police chalk outlines showed Noah’s teeth were found scattered across the highway, some a dozen feet from his body.

Farther away still is a spot of blood – the only blood found at the scene despite the extensive injuries all over his upper body.

Noah suffered massive blunt force trauma to the back of his head, causing skull fractures but not ki*lling him, according to correspondence with investigators shared with

‘It is strange,’ the teen’s sister, Madison Rawlings, told PEOPLE. ‘I see the injuries, I just don’t know how [they were] caused.’

While his cause of de*ath has been determined, his manner of de*ath is still being investigated, but officials did rule out him being hit by a vehicle.

After almost eight months of silence, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, which is leading the investigation, finally gave its first update since last September.

‘Currently, the OHP is not investigating Presgrove’s de*ath as a mur*der,’ it said.

‘The investigation is not over, and anyone with information on Presgrove’s d*eath is encouraged to contact [us].’

This was despite friends and family who saw his body saying his badly battered face ‘looked like he got beat up by five dudes’.

‘There were no vehicle parts or debris observed on the scene. At this time, what transpired on how the body was found on the road having multiple blunt force injuries is unknown,’ the autopsy report said.

‘Therefore, the manner of de*ath is deemed undetermined.’

The report summary also vaguely explained some of the events leading up to Presgrove’s disappearance and discovery on the highway.

‘Then he rode an ATV ranger vehicle with several men that had a roll over incident. The decedent was alive following the incident and returned to the party where he got into an argument with his girlfriend,’ it read.

‘The decedent left the house party and was not found until the morning of September 4, 2023, on the side of the highway.’

Noah and his friends graduated from Comanche High School just a few months earlier and his family said he planned to join the military.

But that weekend they were drunkenly celebrating the end of summer with a raging party at the birthday girl’s home, on a small street about a mile south from where his body was found.

One video from the night he died showed some of Noah’s friends writing their names on his bare buttocks with marker.

The writing was not still there when his body was discovered in the early hours of the morning but it was not known how and when it was removed.

Other photos show the teenager writing on the buttocks of another friend, and posing alongside them with a signature on his chest.

Two more videos show Noah daring friends to slap him across the face as they partied under an outside patio at the house.

Noah had to repeatedly insist that a male friend hit him, eventually only giving him a light tap before sprinting away in fear of retaliation.

Another concerning photo appeared to show a teenager holding a rifle with Noah visible in the foreground.

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