Illegal d*rugs were reportedly found in to*xicology reports from the three Kansas City Chiefs fans who were found frozen to d*eath outside a friend’s home last month.

Family members of David Harrington, Clayton McGeeney and Ricky Johnson had been anxiously awaiting the results of the report to offer clues as to what happened to the three friends before they were discovered outside Jordan Willis’ Kansas City rental home on Jan. 9.

D*rug use has been speculated as a contributing factor in their de*aths. Willis checked himself into rehab for substance abuse after his three friends were found de*ad, according to his parents.

Harrington, 37, McGeeney, 36, and Johnson, 38, went to his home to watch the Kansas City Chiefs’ final regular season game on Jan. 7.

Their bodies were found two days later when McGeeney’s worried fiancée broke into Willis’ property and saw one of them frozen in the yard.

Sources said that “several” substances were found in the men’s systems.

Cocaine and other illegal dru*gs were reportedly found in to*xicology reports from the three Kansas City Chiefs fans who were found frozen to dea*th outside a home last month.

Willis — who was wearing underwear and holding a wine glass when police arrived —  told officers that he had no idea his friends were de*ad outside and claimed to have been asleep for nearly two days.

A fifth friend, Alex Waemer-Lee,  left the gathering around 11 p.m. after the game while the four remaining men were watching “Jeopardy!,” according to his attorney, Andrew Talge.

Experts told Fox News that alcohol or dr*ugs could have caused the men to pass out in the snow and succumb to the 30-degree weather.

Neighbors said that two of the men who arrived at the small party walked in with two 30-packs of beer, according to the outlet.

Waemer-Lee also allegedly texted other friends about d*rug use at Willis’ house during the game, Fox reported.

Kansas City Police said in a statement that there have been “no additional details of this case or reports revealed to any media, nor are there any plans to at this time.

“Both KCPD Detectives and the Platte County Prosecutor’s Office have been in touch with the deceased men’s families and remain in contact with them as the investigation unfolds,” the department said.

The Post is awaiting a copy of the tox*icology report.

Harrington’s father Jon declined to comment on the report when reached by The Post Thursday.

While families have received the tox*icology report, they are still awaiting autopsy results from the medical examiner’s office. Those results could take several more weeks, the medical examiner said.

Kansas City police have emphasized that the case is not being investigated as a homicide and no foul play is suspected — however, some of the de*ceased men’s family members believe Willis had a role to play in their de*aths.

“[Harrington’s mother] and I are both convinced that Jordan Willis played a part in this somehow,” Jon Harrington said last week.

“There were four of you in the house and now three of them are de*ad and you’re not. That doesn’t add up,” the grieving father added.

Jonathan Price, Johnson’s brother, said he has been searching for answers since his brother’s body was found in a lawn chair on the property. 

He told NewsNation on Monday his brother may have unknowingly taken d*rugs and criticized police for appearing to know so little at this point in the investigation.

“I’m not saying there was or was not a crime, but if you immediately suspect no foul play, then you should have a story, you should have something to tell the families, and for no one to hear anything, that doesn’t make any sense,” he said.

“It’s the same every day with the lack of answer and the inability to truly mourn without any cause,” Price added.

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