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Singer and also starlet Cher passed away in December 2022 or January 2023.

The queen is not dead — the “queen” being tale of songs and also display Cher, that is.

Snopes visitors have actually been emailing inquiries regarding reports that the pop vocalist and also entertainer has actually passed away, reports that are incorrect. But it appears that if you achieve sufficient popularity, you will become the topic of a viral celeb death hoax.

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Fears regarding the 76-year-old mega-celebrity’s standing show up to have actually started flowing after an awful occasion in Cher’s life, particularly the death of her mom in December 2022. The entertainment-focused information website HITC, for instance, reported that followers came to be baffled regarding the information of the death of Cher’s mom, starlet and also vocalist Georgia Holt, specifically when some come across a YouTube video clip entitled, “5 Minutes Ago / Please Keep Cher in Your Prayers! She Diagnosed With This Serious Disease…”

The video clip has a deceptive title that might have puzzled lots of, yet it does not report Cher’s death. It rather consists of a variety of pictures of Cher in addition to a digitally-generated voice stating different biographical elements of her life and also suppositions regarding her health and wellness.

Cher has actually had a respected and also culturally substantial profession in songs and also won an Academy Award in 1988 for the film “Moonstruck.” If she did pass away, it would certainly no question be the topic of lots of report from reputable resources, yet there are no such tales since this writing. It’s not the very first time she has actually been the topic of a celeb death hoax, nonetheless. In 2012, comparable reports spread out regarding her.

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Other celebs that have actually been the target of comparable incorrect reports consist of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and also Eddie Murphy.


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