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Elon Musk acquired General Motors.

On Dec 4, 2022, a YouTube network called Elon Musk Rewind published a video clip advertising a report that declared Tesla CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER as well as Twitter proprietor Elon Musk had actually acquired General Motors, the car firm much better called GM. The video clip’s title read, “BREAKING NEWS! Elon Musk JUST OFFICIALLY BOUGHT General Motors!”

Other similarly-named networks additionally published the supposed information, consisting of Elon Musk Now, Elon Musk Zone, Futurity, as well as Elon Musk Live.

The idea that Elon Musk bought GM is a false rumor.None of this held true.

However, this information was incorrect. Musk had actually denied GM, neither had he introduced any kind of strategies to do so.

We discovered a please note of types at the end of the summary in the video clip published byElon Musk Rewind It read, “Our channel is purely made for entertainment purposes, based on facts, rumors, and fiction.”

In this instance, the report was totally imaginary.

Musk as well as GM formerly made headings after his October 2022 acquisition of Twitter.

On Oct 28, CNBC reported that GM was “pausing” its advertising and marketing on Twitter “to understand the direction of the platform under [Musk’s] new ownership.”

Then, on December 6, GM CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Mary Barra clarified to CNBC that it had actually made a decision to put on hold advertisements on Twitter as a result of the truth that Musk’s electrical car firm, Tesla, is a rival.

We formerly reported that Musk had denied Google, a report that additionally originated from several of the previously mentioned Musk- driven YouTube networks.


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