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President Richard Nixon hid a time capsule in the White House containing proof of alien life and human contact with extraterrestrials.

It is an article of religion amongst UFO conspiracy theorists that each United States president since Franklin Roosevelt has been privy to prime secret proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life. 

According to the 2015 guide The Presidents And UFOs: A Secret History From FDR To Obama, just about all of them wished to go public with the data of who (or what) is chargeable for sightings of unidentified flying objects, however had been blocked by intelligence officers.

Richard Nixon — who, in response to the guide’s creator, Larry Holcombe, was satisfied that “a limited level of UFO disclosure” would guarantee his place in historical past — went to extraordinary lengths to protect that data for posterity, if newer studies are to be believed.

A 20 March 2018 article on the conspiracy-oriented weblog featured quotes from a telephone interview with Robert Merritt, a someday police informant and — in response to him — covert home intelligence operative for the Nixon administration, in which he says he was proven proof of extraterrestrial life throughout a face-to-face assembly with the president:

… In what seems to be a startling new twist, Merritt reveals to Liszt that he met thrice with President Nixon in a “deep underground location beneath the White House. In the first, Nixon read him a letter stating that U.S. was protecting an extraterrestrial being and that scientists at Los Alamos were able to communicate with it and obtain “superior know-how and science.”

Nixon then sealed the letter in a “time capsule” that he hid someplace in the White House.

In one other assembly, Merritt says Nixon instructed him to ship a copy of the letter (which Nixon allegedly taped to Merritt’s abdomen) to National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger and to not inform anybody about it. Now, Merritt says co-author Douglas Caddy has notified the National Archive that Nixon’s so-called time capsule continues to be in the White House and he (Caddy) will reveal the placement if the National Archive agrees to learn the letter to the general public.

It’s greater than a little preposterous. We listened to all the 75-minute interview with Merritt, performed by self-styled “Dark Journalist” Daniel Liszt, in hopes that we may make higher sense of it.

We could not. The absurdities and contradictions are too evident and too many.

Merritt says the final of his three one-on-one conferences with Richard Nixon occurred in July 1972, simply after information of the Watergate housebreaking broke. He discovered Nixon in tears, fearing for the survival of his presidency. But that wasn’t the rationale Nixon had requested him there. He wished to speak about aliens. This is from a partial transcript of the interview supplied by

MERRITT: He had this letter. He pulled it out, and he learn this one piece of paper to me. And then he put that letter in a manila envelope, and he put a gold seal over prime of the center, after which he put a piece of tape throughout that, and on the entrance was handwritten, “To Henry Kissinger.” He requested for it to be hand-delivered or mailed, whichever was finest or most secure to do.

LISZT: Now, this letter was crucial. Can you describe the letter for me?

MERRITT: It was two pink traces. They appeared like a scientific method with letters, numbers, and different scientific symbols that might be used, like chemistry symbols. He mentioned, “We possess the knowledge, and we have in our protection,” and he mentioned, “subjects from the Planet X.” And I requested him one query, and he did not appear to love what I requested him, however I mentioned, “Are these the things in Mexico or Area 51?” He gave the impression to be offended by the truth that possibly I knew this.

LISZT: Okay, now in this last assembly with Nixon, he is studying you this letter, he exhibits you this method, and he is now mentioning an alien that they’ve in safety, and he is a little irritated that you just talked about the being was in custody or being held. 

MERRITT: Yes. The phrase he used was “protected,” not “captured,” not “in captivity.” He did not used any phrases that might imply towards the need. You know in addition to I try this if we had a being like that, sure, it will be in captivity. I do not assume we might let it stroll down the road.

LISZT: You mentioned he talked about that scientists at Los Alamos had realized to speak with this being. What did he say about that?

MERRITT: That we had obtained a very huge quantity of data, very highly effective, to own this data and was capable of be taught from it, could be essentially the most highly effective nation or authorities in all the world and will rule the world.

Merritt would have us consider that nearly a half-century in the past, Nixon had earth-shattering proof that the U.S. authorities possessed superior scientific data gleaned from aliens (data that made the tv present Star Trek look “antiquated,” the president supposedly mentioned), and what he selected to do with it was cover it in a time capsule  of which Nixon by no means spoke once more.

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Moreover, Nixon allegedly shared this revelation with solely two different folks: Merritt, a shadowy soiled tips operative the president barely knew, and his nationwide safety adviser, Henry Kissinger, who himself has by no means spoken of the matter.

Nixon mentioned no matter nation possessed this superior data may “rule the world.” What grew to become of it? What grew to become of the alien(s)? What grew to become of their alleged dwelling planet, “Planet X” (which, in astronomers’ parlance, refers to a hypothetical, yet-to-be-discovered planet past the orbit of Pluto)? What grew to become of the manila envelope taped to Merritt’s abdomen?

Actually, we do know what grew to become of the latter. According to Merritt, he popped it in a mailbox. (So a lot for Nixon’s adhesive tape spycraft.) The relaxation is a thriller wrapped in an enigma inside a unhealthy science fiction novel.

Merritt is, with out a doubt, a colourful determine, and no stranger to conspiracy theories. His earlier declare to fame was a guide co-written in 2010 with Douglas Caddy, an legal professional who briefly represented the Watergate burglars in 1972, which was billed as an “exposé” of the Watergate scandal. Merritt maintains that Nixon was harmless of complicity in the break-in and cover-up. Instead, he was supposedly “set up” by conspirators contained in the Pentagon and intelligence companies who concocted the scandal to carry the president down. The historic file says in any other case.

As to Richard Nixon’s supposed curiosity in and data of extraterrestrial life, aside from unsourced quotes cited by UFO fans and a doubtful grocery store tabloid story revealed in 1983, there’s little proof that he gave it a lot thought in any respect.

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Said story, which ran in the infamously unreliable National Enquirer underneath the byline of Beverly Gleason (the ex-wife of tv comic Jackie Gleason), describes an incident that had allegedly occurred ten years earlier than:

Space aliens exist! Ask Jackie Gleason — he is really seen them.

I’ll always remember the night time in 1973 my well-known husband got here dwelling, slumped white-faced in an armchair and spilled out the unimaginable story to me.

He was late. It was round 11:30 p.m. and I’d been apprehensive. As quickly as I heard his key flip in the lock of our golf course dwelling in Inverary, Fla., I jumped to my ft and requested, “Where have you been?”

His reply surprised me:

“I’ve been at Homestead Air Force Base — and I’ve seen the our bodies of some aliens from outer area.

“It’s top secret. Only a few people know. But the President arranged for me to be escorted in there and see them.”


“And there have been the aliens, mendacity on 4 separate tables.

“They had been tiny — solely about two ft tall — with small bald heads and disproportionately massive years.

“They must have been dead for some time because they’d been embalmed.”

Gleason’s story was unimaginable certainly — although not too unimaginable to be revealed in the National Enquirer, the pages of which had been usually stuffed with outlandish studies of supernatural occurrences. There is little cause to consider that it is something aside from a tall story.

An entry in Richard Nixon’s every day diary confirms he was with Jackie Gleason at a movie star golf event in Lauderhill, Florida on 19 February 1973. The president’s tight schedule left zero room for a side-trip to gawk at alien corpses, nonetheless. At 12:10 p.m. he was delivered by helicopter to the Inverrary Golf and Country Club, the place he was greeted by Jackie Gleason. After motoring to the eighteenth inexperienced in a golf cart, Gleason launched the president to the assembled visitors, to whom he spoke for round 10 minutes. By 12:30, Nixon was again on the helipad, and on his method to his Key Biscayne compound. We discovered no different data of Nixon and Gleason assembly in 1973.

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The reality is, in response to Nixon confidant Frank Gannon, who spent many hours interviewing him and enhancing his memoirs through the late Nineteen Seventies and early ’80s, the ex-president evinced no curiosity in UFOs or extraterrestrial life in any respect:

At one level throughout our labors in San Clemente, I requested RN if he believed in UFOs and if there was something to the entire Roswell Area 51 enterprise. He raised his eyebrows and rolled his eyes and I moved proper on to the following topic.

In a coda to the E.T. time capsule story, Robert Merritt’s co-writer Douglas Caddy penned a February 2018 missive to the National Archives and Records Administration providing to reveal the placement of Nixon’s secret letter on the situation that its contents — “if the document is discovered” — be made public. He has but to be taken up on the provide.

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