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Ukraine’s constitution states that it is the duty of the state to “preserve the gene pool of the Ukrainian people.”


The over quote is gotten of context from Article 16 of the constitution. The complete quote attaches the obligation of the state to preserve the genetics swimming pool as component of their initiatives “to overcome the consequences of the Chernobyl catastrophe.” In significance, this area of the Constitution attests the security of individuals that dealt with negative wellness and also environmental effects of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe, and also is not a measure of “fascist” intent, as some have actually said.

An area of the Constitution of Ukraine was gotten of context by numerous Twitter customers, that made use of the info to improve Russian publicity regarding affirmed Nazism inUkraine

On Jan 25, 2023, Michael Tracey shared a highlighted screengrab of an area of the constitution, creating “Did not know that the Constitution of Ukraine (revised 2019) declares ‘the duty of the State’ to ‘preserve the gene pool of the Ukranian [sic] people.'”

This was consequently grabbed by a number of pro-Russian accounts that said this confirmed Ukrainians are “fascists” and also “Nazis.”

However, the quote concerned was drawn totally out of context. Taken from Article 16 of Ukraine’s Constitution, the complete paragraph states:

To make certain environmental safety and security and also to keep the environmental equilibrium on the area of Ukraine, to get rid of the effects of the Chornobyl disaster – a disaster of worldwide range, and also to preserve the genetics swimming pool of the Ukrainian individuals, is the duty of the State.

We checked out a number of various variations of the constitution, consisting of one offered on the site of the UNITED STATE Department of Justice, which makes use of comparable language.

Article 16 of Ukraine’s constitution explicates referral to the Chernobyl disaster of 1986, in which a mistaken atomic power plant systems examination caused huge quantities of contaminated product being launched right into the setting. The mishap, which took place when Ukraine was component of the Soviet Union, had comprehensive results that lasted for years in the areas that consist of Belarus, the Russian Federation, and alsoUkraine These consisted of increasing thyroid cancer cells instances amongst kids, and also psycho-social effects consisting of greater prices of anxiety, alcohol addiction and also anxiousness.

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In 2018, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine declared the state’s obligation to people that experienced the results of Chernobyl, by mentioning Article 16:

The Constitutional Court holds that the arrangements of Article 16 of the Constitution require the state to take obligation for executing a system of determines focused on settling troubles on guaranteeing the security of civil liberties, passions, warranties given to those individuals that experienced the results of the Chernobyl disaster.

The Constitutional Court keeps in mind that the need to make certain the correct degree of social security of individuals that experienced the results of the Chernobyl disaster is because of the constraints, dangers, losses endured by them and also their relative.Law No 796, embraced according to Article 16 of the Constitution, offers added warranties of social security for the individuals worried– a collection of steps in the type of advantages, settlements and also warranties. In reality, these steps are payment for individuals, that experienced the results of the Chernobyl disaster, for the loss of their wellness, ethical and also physical suffering, limitations on the application of their capacities and also chances to make certain an enough criterion of living, in addition to the primary methods of the state’s application of the constitutional responsibility on giving social security for the particular individuals.

The 2019 paper, “Chernobyl − Experience and Perspectives of International Cooperation and Environmental Protection” in the Hungarian Journal of Legal Studies, described the Constitutional Court’s reaffirmation, stating “the necessity of preserving the gene pool of the Ukrainian people stated in Article 16 is primarily due to the ecological situation caused by the catastrophe, which resulted in deterioration of the population’s health, demographic decline, illness of children, raising the level of disability of the population.”

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Ivan Gomza, scholastic supervisor of the Public Policy and also Governance Program at Kyiv School of Economics, informed Snopes that while the Article 16 phrasing is “clumsy,” the term “gene pool” is a “correct rendition of the notion in English.” He included that the tweets slamming this line were missing out on the juridical, social, and also historic context.

The Constitution of Ukraine was embraced in 1996, a years after the Chernobyl catastrophe and also simply 5 years after a legislation was implemented meaning to reduce the troubles dealing with individuals that remained in the catastrophe area. According to Gomza, its incorporation in the constitution was “to guarantee life-long benefits to people in need (in other words, to make it impossible that people lose their benefits should the law be amended) and, simultaneously, to solemnly commemorate the [Chernobyl] tragedy, the provision regarding social benefits and state’s role in nuclear protection were inscribed in Constitution.”

The 2020 short article, “The Development of Constitutional, Axiological, Social and Environmental—Legal Safety Imperative in Ukrainian Legislation and Strategic Documents” by V. Andreitsev, teacher of ecological regulation at the Dnipro University of Technology, additionally information exactly how the 1991 regulation that preceded the constitution forecasted the stipulation of ecological safety and security and also the “preservation of the genetic pool of living nature.”

Article 16, Gomza included, was consisted of in the very first component of the Ukrainian constitution that repudiated the Soviet constitution and also prepared the distinctions in between the Soviet routine and also their recently created Ukrainian state. Calling Chernobyl’s nuclear results one of the “painful legacies” of the Soviet routine, he claimed:

Because of the event, hundreds of thousands of individuals experienced radiation surge, and also numerous thousand shed their residences after the required exemption area around the [Chernobyl] Power Plant was developed. However, the USSR liked initially to hide the surge itself and also later on to neglect the requirements of individuals that experienced it. Therefore, when Ukraine acquired freedom in 1991, the brand-new federal government embraced unique legislations intending to reduce the health care troubles dealt with by individuals that experienced radiation surge. In enhancement, the regulation gave some product advantages to loved ones of the very first participants and also individuals that experienced throughout the catastrophe. The condition of “Chernobyltsi” additionally [included] little kids in numerous areas (Kyiv, Zhytiomyr, and also Vinnytsia) whose top quality of life (and also wellness leads) plunged after they had actually been revealed to radioactivity throughout very early youth. They were supplied with totally free milk at college (considering that milk is reported to reduce the radiation results), one month of state-paid holidays mixed-up, and also various other advantages. This is, basically, the plan of “saving of gene pool of the Ukrainian people.”

He wrapped up, “There is no genetically-driven policy nor public policy manipulating the human genome in Ukraine.”

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Given that the tweets stopped working to consist of the complete message of Article 16, neither did they reference that it preserved right into the constitution the security of individuals that experienced the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe, we rank this insurance claim as “Mixture.”


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