Rebecca Jane “Becky” Alsup was a 34-year-old mother of two sons. She lived with her partner, Craig Wood, in a camping trailer on his parents’ property in Williamsville, Missouri.

Becky had a rough childhood. She lost her mother to mu*rder and became addicted to drugs. After several surgeries for a heart condition, Becky had a pacemaker implanted and required daily medication.

It was no secret to those around the couple that Craig was abusive towards Becky. In 2016, Craig asked one of his friends if he knew how to shoot and offered him three cars, a motorcycle, and half of Becky’s life insurance policy to kil*l her. Craig also asked this person what would happen to someone if they got injected with water from a meth pipe.

Shortly after this conversation, Becky was admitted to a hospital in Cape Girardeau for sepsis and disseminated intravascular coagulation. There was meth in her blood, and she had visible bruises and lacerations. A few weeks later, in September, both of Becky’s legs were amputated.

While in critical condition, Craig tried to convince the hospital to take her off life support. They refused as he couldn’t prove he was legally married to her.

The same friend who was asked to kil*l the woman claims Craig later admitted to getting her high and injecting bong water into her legs. He reportedly lamented, “It didn’t ki*ll the *****.”

Becky was 4ft 7 and 95 pounds post-amputation and used a wheelchair and prosthetic legs for mobility.

On February 17, 2017, Becky asked a friend to come to her trailer around 1 PM. She was upset because Craig had stolen her money and cut up her phone’s SIM card. Becky had bruises on her cheek and arm and said Craig had pulled her off the bed by her hair.

She used her friend’s phone to call someone and tell them what happened and that she was scared. The friend returned to the trailer three days later, but only Craig and his ex-wife were there.

Also on February 17, a man visited the couple’s home in the evening. Both Craig and Becky were there. When he returned the next day, he couldn’t find Becky. He says her walker was burning in a burn barrel and that bags were sitting outside with what he believed were her belongings.

Becky’s loved ones refuse to believe she left on her own accord. Not only was she a dedicated mother, but her family also says she left behind her wheelchair, prosthetic legs, purse, phone, and medication.

About a month after the disabled woman went missing, Craig met with patrol Trooper Shannon Sitton to discuss the case. He claimed the last time he saw Becky was in their trailer on February 13. According to Trooper Sitton, “he stated ‘she was being an *******.’”

“Wood stated sometime after midnight, Feb. 14, 2017, he left the property by himself, in his own vehicle. Wood stated he went to Williamsville and met up with a girl and rode around, then went back to his mom’s house, which is located ont he same 10 acres as the camper where he left Alsup.”

Craig explained to the trooper that he arrived at his mother’s home around 8 AM and fell asleep. He woke up on the morning of February 16, and when he returned to his trailer, Becky wasn’t there. He claims her mobility aids were also missing. When asked why he didn’t contact the police, Craig replied, “I didn’t think she was missing.”

There is another friend who says Craig was caught with drugs shortly before Becky disappeared and that he had threatened to k*ill her if she didn’t become his snitch.

This friend heard their own son was forced to help Craig dispose of Becky’s body after he k*illed her with an ashtray. The son told authorities he had lent his car, and when it was returned, there was blood and hair inside. He refused to name the individuals but said he got the car cleaned and sold it.

In July 2019, 43-year-old Craig was charged with first-degree assault and first-degree murd*er. Authorities believe he fatally struck Becky in the head with an ashtray. By September, the prosecution had asked for the charges to be dropped as they didn’t have enough evidence. They planned to refile them later, but there have been no updates.

While in jail, Craig’s two cellmates reported hearing him crying and saying, “I shouldn’t have done it.”

Becky Alsup has been missing for almost seven years. If alive, she is now 41 years old.

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