A remorseful California grandfather was gunned down in a Walmart parking lot as he tried to apologize to his suspected k*iller for causing a minor fender bender.

Jonathan Mauk, 59, accidentally reversed his Chevrolet Camaro into suspect Shawntece Marie Norton’s car while leaving to meet up with his family, his son revealed.

Mauk was driving through the parking lot, searching for an open spot, when Norton was backing out of a parking spot. He reportedly struck Norton’s car.

“From what witnesses told me, my dad felt responsible. He was the one to blame, so he got out of the car to apologize, and that is when the other person sh*ot him,” his eldest son, Matthew Mauk, told the outlet.

Norton, 37, allegedly sh*ot the grandfather in the face as he stepped out of his car to make amends for the accident.

She is accused of fleeing the parking lot after the sh*ooting, but was arrested the next day.

Norton has since been charged with murder. 

Mauk’s son revealed that there was “no real damage” to his dad’s car when he picked the vehicle up later in the day.

“There is a scratch on the fender. There is not a dent, there is no real damage. There is a scratch. That is the extent of the collision that he lost his life over,” Matthew Mauk told the outlet.

Matthew Mauk said his father, who “liked being called Grandpa” because “he loved the title,” only stopped at the store to pick up salt and some soda to make his homemade beef jerky with the family.

“I can’t even put into words why that happened or what would go through a person’s mind to make that seem like an acceptable action,” Matthew Mauk said. “None of it makes sense.”

Mauk is remembered by his loved ones as a man who loved his family, a classic car enthusiast, and a friend who could be counted on.

“I cried when I found out he got ki*lled,” said Lee Hall, Mauk’s friend and co-worker, said. “That’s what he loved — cars. He probably would have fixed the lady’s car for nothing, but she ended up sh*ooting him.”

As the family attempts to pick up the pieces after his murder, Mauk’s son says they will not let that deter them from pursuing justice.

“We’ll be there for every single court hearing — anything that has to do with this incident, we’re going to be there,” Mauk said. “We’re going to be vocal, we’re going to talk about it.”

Norton entered a not guilty plea during her initial court appearance this week, according to the outlet.

She is due back in court on Feb. 15.

The Highland Walmart is about 5 miles from San Bernardino International Airport.

Mauk’s senseless k*illing comes only weeks after a Colorado grandfather was also gunned down following a dispute.

Richard Sanchez, 60, was sh*ot and ki*lled when he got into an argument with a 13-year-old suspect on an RTD bus in Denver on Jan. 27.

Police believe the argument between the alleged teen k*iller and Sanchez started over the elderly man blocking the aisle with his leg.

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