On February 10, 1993, Wanda Sutton gave birth to a baby boy, Tavish, in Atlanta, Georgia. Unfortunately, Wanda struggled with schizophrenia and had already lost custody of her three older children.

At just weeks old, Tavish was taken by the Department of Family and Children Services and placed in a foster home, while Wanda was sectioned for treatment at a mental health facility.

On March 6, Tavish had to be admitted to the Hughes Spalding pediatric unit at Grady Memorial Hospital. He successfully underwent minor surgery for an abscess and was left with a quarter-inch scar on his left buttock.

At 6:45 AM on March 9, a nurse checked on Tavish, who was still recovering in a semi-private room with another infant. This infant’s mother and sister were asleep on the sofa. When the nurse returned fifteen minutes later, Tavish was gone.

Sadly, there are no photos of the little boy, who was just 27 days old when he was ab*ducted. He was 2ft and 8 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. Tavish was wearing a white flower print t-shirt.

Atlanta police investigated the family who had shared a room with the missing baby, but they are not suspects. Tavish’s relatives, who weren’t even aware of him being in the hospital, were also cleared. Around the time of the ab*duction, a couple of suspicious people were seen at the hospital.

After 8:30 PM, visitors had to carry passes authorizing them to be in the pediatric wing. The night before Tavish vanished, a man was caught trying to enter the unit without a pass and couldn’t give a reason why he should be there. He left before security arrived and has never been identified. He was tall, skinny, and wearing a baseball cap.

An unknown woman was also seen inside and outside the hospital with a curly-haired baby. She was 5ft 5 and 160 pounds, with almond-shaped eyes, prominent cheekbones, and a medium brown complexion. Around 25 years old, her hair was tied with a bow, and she wore black pants, a black coat, and large earrings.

Though there is no evidence, police theorize that Tavish was ab*ducted by a woman pretending to be pregnant and who wanted a baby. She likely lived four to twenty-four miles from the hospital.

In March 1995, Wanda sued the hospital for negligence. The suit was settled out of court for $600,000. Despite the Atlanta police and the FBI conducting hundreds of interviews and offering a reward of $10,000, baby Tavish has never been found.

If alive, Tavish Sutton turns 31 years old this month.

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