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Ukrainian President Volovdymyr Zelenskyy was photographed putting on brief shorts as well as an Afro hairstyle at an LGBTQ Pride occasion.

In the last fifty percent of 2022, a doctored picture professing to reveal Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy taking part in an LGBTQ Pride ceremony putting on only brief shorts as well as a massive Afro hairstyle flowed on social networks. Although the face of the individual affirmed to be Zelenskyy does resemble him, nonetheless, he did not show up in the initial, unmanipulated image. This is an instance of the modified picture as uploaded on Twitter:

This is not Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

This is a chopped variation of that modified picture, revealing what seems Zelenskyy’s deal with superimposed over that of the initial topic:

Fake Zelenskyy pic

A reverse-image search discloses that the original photograph was taken by Thomas Hobbs in 2006 as well as uploaded by the professional photographer onFlickr Though the identification of the topic in concern had not been defined, it is plainly notVolovymyr Zelenskyy

Gay Pride parade 2006 (Thomas Hobbs/Flickr)

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