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Since Elon Musk gotten Twitter, Mastodon, a decentralized and also open-source social networks system, has actually expanded its individual base from 300K to 2.5 M month-to-month energetic users.

Eugen Rochko, Founder of Mastodon, introduced the turning point in a blog post today, proclaiming his system as a “significantly various option:

“While there is no shortage of social media platforms new and old, this is a radically different approach to social media that offers something traditional social media cannot. This may be one of the reasons why Mastodon has recently exploded in popularity, jumping from approx. 300K monthly active users to 2.5M between the months of October and November, with more and more journalists, political figures, writers, actors and organizations moving over.”

Twitter’s brand-new possession is triggering rubbing with users, triggering lots of to look for a choice.

Mastodon’s totally free and also open-source software application permits any person to run a social networks system by themselves framework while linking to a worldwide decentralized social media.

The unexpected appeal of Mastodon, openly introduced in 2016, has actually brought about boosted concerns and also issues from brand-new users.

Rochko lately held an AMA on Reddit to attend to those issues, addressing loads of generally asked concerns.

I filtered via the string to take out several of the leading highlights, consisting of lots of concerns I have actually been seeing from marketing experts.

The Twitter Situation

Question: “When you first decided to develop Mastodon, did you anticipate a situation like the one that came to pass with Twitter happening?”

Rochko claimed he was doubtful of Twitter’s management yet never ever expected this sort of scenario:

“Some of my original motivations for exploring federated social media (back then GNU social) and eventually deciding to do my own take on it with Mastodon were uncertainties with Twitter’s leadership and future, so in a way, yes. But I am not going to pretend like I had any idea anything would become of my project then.”

Mastodon As A Twitter Alternative

Question: “Do you think mastodon will become bigger than other twitter alternatives like truth social?”

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Rochko states yes:

“If it’s not already, which I’m almost sure it is and always has been, yes.”


Question: “What are your thoughts on “algorithms”? Will we see even more of these basic, clear formulas for article sorting, for example as an alternate type approach on/ public/local,/ public, and also/ residence?”

Rochko states he does not have solid sensations regarding formulas, and also devotes to preserving a reverse-chronological feed:

“I think that personalized algorithms like TikTok’s or YouTube’s recommendations have to be approached with a lot of care because of how they can reinforce your biases and send you down conspiracy rabbit holes. I have steered clear of anything machine-learning-related in Mastodon. But I do not have strong feelings about “algorithms” as a whole, just that the residence feed must be reverse-chronological and also just include web content you chose to place there.”

Explore Page

Question: “Are there plans to allow ‘how many time a toot has been favorited’ to be used as a sort criteria? If not, why was the decision taken to not use this?”

Rochko states the Explore web page is created to do this by default:

“Trending posts on the explore page are ranked by their reblogs and favourites count with a decay from the time the post was published (similar to Reddit and HN).”

Sign-Up Process

Question: “The sign up process on Android is a little archaic. How will you fix that to make it more accessible to less tech savvy users?”

Rochko states Mastodon is revamping the onboarding procedure on Android:

“Our latest beta build on Android includes a redesigned onboarding flow. The biggest differences are that the starting screen now includes an explanation of what servers are, and that the server screen will let you tap Next without making a selection by picking a random General server in your language for you.”

Direct Messages

Question: “I’m curious why it doesn’t have more basic features, like separation of DMs from notifications?”

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Rochko discusses that Mastodon does not have conventional DMs, just messages limited to specific users:

“Mastodon does not have traditional DMs, and various UX choices are motivated by making that more clear. Mastodon has granular visibility settings for posts, which means you can restrict an individual post (even as part of a thread) to just your followers, or just people mentioned in the post. These can be used for the same purpose as DMs, but especially in regards to the threading model and addressing, they’re not the same.”

Rochko includes that end-to-end encrypted DMs get on the back heater, yet the top priority is boosting the main iphone and also Android applications:

“What we carry the backburner are end-to-end encrypted DMs. And by that I suggest, from scratch created to be DMs. I began dealing with that function in 2020 yet after that it obtained delayed at the customer degree. We required our very own indigenous applications to do the ground work with making the client-side procedures, and also at that time we really did not have any type of. In 2021 we lastly introduced a main iphone application, and also in 2022 we lastly introduced an authorities Android application, yet there are a lot of points that those applications require prior to end-to-end encrypted DMs that it’s still on the backburner.

Third-Party Apps

Question: “I just want to know why you and your team focuses on the iOS and Android apps since there are already other third party apps available that could be endorsed?”

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Rochko states it boils down to hallmarks and also branding:

“I went into detail on that when the iOS app was first announced. People look for “Mastodon” on the systems’ very own application shops (actually, 82% of our iphone downloads originate from individuals utilizing the search, and also not from any type of internet links to the application). We could not potentially provide our hallmark to an application that we had no impact over (what happens if the application makes negative UX choices or quits being preserved?), neither did we intend to take control of any type of application that existing users were currently dependent upon and also alter it. Furthermore, we remain in a distinct setting to have the sources to purchase specialist UX style. Working on our very own applications has actually provided us understandings right into discomfort factors with the APIs and also straight fed right into renovations to server-side code that all applications can gain from.”

For much more, see the full AMA here.

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