On November 21, 1987, at 11 PM, 26-year-old Korrina left her home after having a fight with her husband Stephen. She got in her car and went for a drive to calm down.
The next morning, Korrina’s boss was worried when she was late for work, as it was highly unusual of her. He went looking for Korrina and soon found her car outside of the entrance to the plantation where she lived. The car door was open but there were no signs of a struggle.

Korrina has never been heard from again.

On November 4, 1988, at 7 AM, 11-year-old Annette was waiting for the school bus with her dog. The bus stop was also outside the entrance to the plantation.
After Annette failed to show up at home from school that day, her step-father Stephen found out she had never got on the bus that morning. He reported her missing and proceeded to go to the bus stop where she was last seen. When he got there, a note written in Annette’s handwriting was waiting for him, “Dad, momma came back. Give the boys a hug”.

Annette has never been seen again, but unlike Korrina, she has been heard from since that day.

Korrina Lynn Sagers Malinoski had her first child when she was 16 years old, Annette Deanne Sagers. By age 26, she had married Stephen Malinoski and had two more kids, Thomas and James. Korrina and Stephen’s relationship was troubled, they regularly had violent fights.

The family lived in Mount Holly Plantation, South Carolina, where Stephen was a caretaker. The family who he worked for let them live in a cabin on the 6000 acres land. Meanwhile, Korrina worked at a convenience store in the nearby town of Summerville.

Stephen had been married twice before and had a daughter from each of those marriages. However, he claimed that his first wife and daughter had died in a fire. Stephen also had an addiction to cocaine.

Annette was a sixth grader at West View Middle School. Her teacher characterized her as an unhappy and shy kid.

Some people believe that Korrina ran away from her abusive marriage and a year later came back for her daughter. However, Korrina’s family in Iowa, with whom she was very close to, deny having had any contact with either of them since their disappearances.

Stephen is the only known suspect in the case and most people believe he was involved. One of Korrina and Stephen’s sons believes his father mur*dered Korrina but that someone else took Annette.
This theory is supported by the phone calls Annette made to a family member after going missing. On the calls, Annette spoke in a whisper and appeared to be covering the handset to conceal the voices of people near hear. All the calls were short — Annette would quickly hang up, claiming someone was coming.

A court hearing, to determine whether Korinna’s family were to be given custody of Annette was schedule for the week following Annette’s disappearance. It is speculated that Stephen did not want her appearing in court or being given to someone else out of fear of the young girl incriminating him.
It is possible that Annette knew something about her mother’s fate, while others also believe she may have been sexually abused.
When family members visited their house, after Korrina went missing, Annette would try to signal them to come upstairs. Unfortunately, this was only noticed after her disappearance.

Soon after the disappearances of his wife and step-daughter, Stephen relocated to Tampa, Florida. He eventually abandoned his sons, who spent the next decade in various foster homes. Meanwhile, Stephen remarried and had three more children and is still an addict.
Reportedly, the fire that supposedly killed his first wife and daughter never happened.

Despite spending 11 years in foster homes, Thomas and James ended up being adopted into a loving home. Both went to college, served in Iraq multiple times and are now honorably discharged, with families of their own.

They, along with the remaining family members, still wish to know what happened to their loved ones.

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