A fifth friend has come forward claiming he was present at the Kansas City Chiefs watch party that resulted in three men freezing to de*ath in their pal’s backyard — and has revealed new details about the trio’s final hours.

The fifth person, who has not been named publicly, had joined the group — which included David Harrington, 37, Ricky Johnson, 38, and Clayton McGeeney, 36 — at Jordan Willis’ Kansas City rental on Jan. 7 to watch their hometown team play their last regular season game, attorney John Picerno said.

The man told the outlet that when he left the home, Willis and his other three friends were still awake.

The man also stressed that he was not the last person to see Harrington, Johnson and McGeeney alive before they froze to de*ath in Willis’ yard and went unnoticed for two days.

The fifth individual had arrived at the house at about 7 p.m. and left around midnight, his attorney, Andrew Talge, said.

When his client left, the four other men were up watching “Jeopardy!” — indicating that the three victims were still alive in the early hours of Monday, Talge added.

Talge’s version of events contradicts Picerno’s statement, which insisted that Willis saw his four friends out at the end of the night, then went to sleep on his couch. 

Picerno also said several times that Willis — who allegedly slept on his couch for the next two days, unaware that his three friends were frozen in the backyard — only received messages via Facebook Messenger, and did not get texts or calls.

According to Talge, however, his client received a text from McGeeney’s fiancée and from Johnson’s mother, both asking about their loved ones.

Their concerns prompted Talge’s client to text Willis and Johnson, but he did not receive a reply, the lawyer alleged.

Picerno declined to comment on the discrepancy

Jordan Willis
Clayton McGeeney

Talge also did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

Harrington, Johnson and McGeeney’s bodies were not found until Jan. 9, when McGeeney’s fiancée requested a welfare check.

In an interview with NewsNation last week, Picerno said Willis left his home sporadically on Jan. 8 and 9 — only to backtrack on Monday and say that Willis had only been in and out of his bedroom.

David Harrington
Ricky Johnson

“What I meant to say on NewsNation is that he left — he was sleeping, and he left his bedroom sporadically,” he said

Willis moved out of the home less than a week after the bodies were found, his lawyer added.

The Kansas City Police Department is reportedly still waiting for autopsy and toxicology results — though Capt. Jake Becchina said that the incident “is 100% NOT being investigated as a homicide.”

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