A 33-year-old Pennsylvania man was charged with de*capitating his dad after posting a gruesome video seemingly showing him holding up the head — before his horrified mom came home to find her husband’s headless body, according to authorities.

Justin Mohn was seen smirking in a mugshot after he was taken into custody Tuesday night on charges of first-degree m*urder, abuse of a corpse, and possessing an instrument of crime with intent in the k*illing of his 68-year-old father, Michael Mohn.

His mom, Denice Mohn, had called the cops around 7 p.m. after finding her husband’s headless body with “a large amount of blood around him,” according to court documents obtained by Levittown Now.

“Officers also located the dec*eased male’s head inside of a plastic bag which was inside of a cooking pot in a first-floor bedroom next to the bathroom,” Middletown Township police and Bucks County Detectives wrote in court papers filed Wednesday morning.

A machete and a large kitchen knife were found in the bathtub, and bloody rubber gloves in a first-floor bedroom, police said.

Mohn had earlier posted a deranged 14-minute YouTube video — seen by The Post before it was deleted — in which he lifted up a severed head in a plastic bag.

He calmly said it belonged to “a federal employee of over 20 years and my father.”

“He is now in hell for an eternity as a traitor to his country,” the commentator said, identifying himself as Justin Mohn before going on an unhinged rant against the government in line with QAnon conspiracy theories, calling for “militias” across the US to unite and ki*ll federal officials “on site.”

The video, titled “Mohn’s Militia – Call to Arms for American Patriots,” was posted to YouTube around 5:30 p.m. and appears to have been recorded in a bedroom where Mohn seems to be reading from a written manifesto on his computer screen.

In the footage, Mohn claims he is the commander of America’s network of militias as he rants against migrants, the Biden administration, the LBGTQ community, Black Lives Matter and “far-left woke mobs,” while calling for the slaughter and public execution of FBI agents, IRS employees, US Marshals, federal judges, border control officers and more “for betraying their country.”

Middletown Police Chief Joe Bartorilla said investigators had seen the video.

The police chief told the victim’s wife to notify Mohn’s siblings “before they see the video or the video is sent to them,”.

“We’re getting contacted by some people in the community that know us, and know him and his family,” Bartorilla said. “And we’re hearing a lot. Obviously, he’s well known in the community just by the calls we’re getting.”

Mohn’s mom told police she was last home around 2 p.m.

When she returned around 7 p.m., the front door was unlocked and her husband’s white Toyota Corolla and her son were both missing.

Investigators arrested Mohn without incident just before 10 p.m. Tuesday after locating his vehicle two hours away in Lebanon County.

Mohn had previously filed at least three lawsuits against federal agencies, including the US government, over his student loan debts, online records show.

In one, he claimed that the government “negligently and fraudulently” pushed him to take out student loans between 2010 and 2014 to pay for his education at Penn State University, a court filing shows.

After graduating in 2014 with a degree in agribusiness management, Mohn was “unable to secure a job commensurate with his education or sufficient to enable him to maintain his student loan payments.”

Mohn chalked up his lack of employment to employers’ “perception of him as an overeducated, white male, which led to affirmative action against him whilst providing no benefits,” his appeal of the case claims.

As a result, Mohn was forced to move back to his parent’s home in Middletown Township.

The alleged kil*ler self-published six books including “Poems I wrote While Stoned” and “The Second Messiah: King of Earth” and is also a musician with four albums on Spotify. His songs include “They Came for Justin Mohn,” “Wonky Honky” and “Judge Kathy Toilet.”

Mohn was arraigned at 4 a.m. Wednesday and denied bail, according to a court docket. He is scheduled for a hearing on Feb. 8.

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