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Actress Goldie Hawn has actually passed away.

Goldie Hawn, that notoriously starred in the 1987 charming funny “Overboard” to name a few popular movies, is not too far, as they state. She is still with us, in spite of a January 2023 celeb fatality scam incorrectly declaring or else.

For instance, an extensively watched YouTube video clip consisted of an incorrect title, “5 minutes ago/ Goldie Hawn dies in hospital, her husband Kurt Russell has to say one last goodbye.” It incorrectly asserted she was moribund and also hospitalized as the outcome of a stroke. The YouTube network that published the video clip, “Deceased Stars,” consists of just incorrect celeb fatality statements.

Hawn is component of a well-known Hollywood household. Her companion is actor Kurt Russell and also her child is actorKate Hudson If Hawn had actually genuinely died, and even if she were seriously ill, it would certainly have easily caused report from celeb information and also chatter websites as well as additionally tradition information electrical outlets. But to day, no such tales have actually been released.

Celebrity fatality scams are an usual type of an on the internet scam. Some stars that have actually been incorrectly reported dead while being quite to life consist of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and also comic Eddie Murphy.


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