A 70-year-old man k*illed his 41-year-old wife’s ex-roommate after catching her having s*exual inte*rcourse with him in their living room.

Flores is the fifth wife of Wald. Before their wedding, the couple was next-door neighbors.

Ralph Lewis Wald and Johnna Flores, who had been married for less than five months, shared a residence at 515 Clara Drive in Brandon.

On the fateful day, Wald awoke just before midnight and proceeded to the kitchen for a drink. On his way there, he discovered Flores having se*xual relations with her old roommate, Walter Lee Conley, 32, in the living room.


Flores was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for shooting at Conley about two weeks before the wedding.

Records show that Flores shot at Conley around 3 a.m. on October 19, 2013, Conley had been staying at Flores’ house on Clara Drive for about two weeks. An affidavit shows that she said she had asked him to leave several times, but Conley said she had asked him to stay.

Records show that a few hours later, Wald paid to get Flores out of jail. At the time, they were dating.

The case was later dropped.

Wald spent more than 20 years in the Army. After he got out of the army, he went to Stetson University College of Law and got his law degree. Records from the Florida Bar show that he was admitted in 1989 and that he has never been in trouble.

Ralph Lewis Wald and Johnna Flores

Wald reentered the bedroom and came out carrying a firearm. Then 32-year-old Conley was shot multiple times before calling 911.

He informed a dispatcher that he shot Conley after discovering the duo “fornicating” in the home.

Conley died at the scene, although Wald’s wife was unharmed.

Wald was questioned by authorities and then arrested.

What Happened Next

But, the 70-year-old man claimed self-defense, claiming he believed his wife was being raped.Wald’s attorney has based his argument on Florida’s “stand your ground” legislation, which states that a homeowner is not required to flee when confronted by an invader on his property.

The defendant stated in court that he does not regret shooting and k*illing his wife’s lover.

In the case, the prosecution attempted to persuade the jury that Wald, who was unable to engage in se*xual activity, ki*lled Conley in a fit of wrath on March 10 at around midnight after witnessing the 32-year-old having se*x with his wife.

To engage in that kind of activity in a man’s castle or house is to offend him personally. It is succinct and direct. Chris Moody, an assistant state attorney, said during closing arguments, “It’s brazen. That kind of deep and personal insult would make you want to strike out when you discover another man having s*ex in your living room and you can’t. .

‘If the same thing happened again, I would do the same thing,’ Wald said. ‘I didn’t think I did anything wrong.’

He then added: ‘I had a problem, I found someone raping my wife. I took care of it. I got a gun and I shot him.

He also expressed hope that he and Flores would be able to save their marriage, a process that would likely include se*xual counseling.

He was acquitted of all charges. A few hours after Wald was found not gu*ilty, his wife gave hints that the couple might be getting back together.

‘My husband forgives me 100 per cent. But there are of course, trust issues, that’s something we’re gonna go to counseling about, she said as she waited for her husband’s release from jail. ‘I wouldn’t give that man up for the world,” she said.

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