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Google Pixel 4a 5G in hand back of phone

David Imel/ Android Authority


  • A Reddit individual declares they fitted a Pixel 5a battery into a Pixel 4a for 17% even more battery life.
  • The changed phone has a mild lump at the back, which the Redditor states is undetectable.

What do you do when your phone’s battery begins revealing its age? You absolutely do not change it with a higher-capacity battery from that phone’s follower. At the very least not without a excellent quantity of expertise, screening, ability, as well as, will we claim, a cravings for some danger. Why are we speaking about this? Because a Redditor cases they handled to change their Pixel 4a‘s 3,885mAh battery with the Pixel 5a‘s 4,680mAh battery.

The Redditor says they have many years of experience in PCB design and repair. They figured the batteries of the Pixel 4a and 5a looked identical and procured the latter on this hunch. The Pixel 5a’ s battery became 4.5 mm taller, 0.4 mm thicker, as well as 1.4 mm much less large than the cell in thePixel 4a Clearly, it had not been mosting likely to be a excellent fit, yet it was a close adequate suit to load inside the older Pixel 4a with some modifications.

So the modder relocated the Pixel 4a’s battery administration system, a little board that attaches to the battery, to the left side. It aided that the bow port of both phones equals. After linking whatever as well as shutting the phone, a mild lump continued to be at the back, which the modder cases is “visually imperceptible.” The result is a 17% boost in battery life.

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Pixel 5a battery in Pixel 4a

What regarding battery growth, the hazard of the battery blowing up, as well as software application compatibility? Well, the Redditor appears certain they have actually dealt with all this.

“I’ve eliminated all points of potential failure in the event of expansion, namely the NFC sticker in the back, which shaves off just under a millimeter and is a potential conductor, the left side of the battery where the BMS now sits has a comfortable amount of insulation and space for expansion as well,” the Redditor created in the string.

The Pixel 4a individual additionally stated they will certainly check exactly how battery percents are presented gradually as well as whether the analyses are precise.

While it feels like a great hack, we would not suggest you attempt this in the house. The modder shows up to understand what he’s doing, yet there might still be some danger associated with the future. Let’s hope we obtain some updates from the individual to see if the do it yourself battery substitute exercised as meant.

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