Our childhood traumas often leave a mark on us, making us do things that we live to regret. But some actions cannot be justified no matter what excuse we use for them. Similar is the case of Paris Bennett, a boy who committed a crime that no one could imagine even in their wildest dreams.

Raised by a Single Mother

Charity Lee did not have the perfect childhood. Her father was ki*lled when she was a kid, and she had to live with her abu*sive mother, who married seven to eight times before finally kicking Charity out of the house. Charity had become a drug addict by then and had no goal or will to live. When she thought there was no hope left for her, she became pregnant, and that’s when her life took a turn. Now she had a motivation to live for. She gave birth to a beautiful boy and named him Paris Bennett. His father did not stick around for long, so Charity decided to raise the boy on her own. She and her son were happy, and Charity worked day and night to provide him with the best life she possibly could. The boy was a genius with an IQ of 141. When he was only three years old, he started to draw, and Charity knew her son was blessed with some real talent.

Later in 2001, Charity got pregnant again, but Paris was unhappy about it. He could not bear the thought of sharing his mother with another child. But when his sister Ella was born, he forgot all his hatred. He and Ella got so close that he never left her side. They used to play together, and he was the best big brother. When Paris was 11 years old, Charity had a relapse, and Paris was furious with his mother. She went into rehab, and when she got out, she had to shift with her ab*usive mother again along with her children.

The Building Rage

The little boy did not seem to fit well into his new life. He was mad at his mother for being irresponsible and started to show a pattern of ab*usive behaviour. He broke Ella’s toy one day, which made Charity punish him. He got so mad that he took a kitchen knife, threatened his mother, and then ran away. After this incident, he was sent to a psychiatric hospital. The psychiatrist concluded that he was angry and had extreme suicidal and homicidal thoughts at the same time.

When he returned from the hospital about a week later, he started getting angrier. It came to the point that he used to bang his head against the wall until it bled. In 2007, when Paris was 13 and Ella was 4, the family moved to Abilene, Texas. The community they started living in was extremely religious, but Paris’s rage had reached its optimum point over two years.

The Devastating Night

On 4th February 2007, when Charity had to work late at the bar, she left the children with their nanny. After the nanny put Ella to bed, Paris came into her room and convinced her to go. The nanny did so, and that’s when Paris came up with something sinister.

The same night he called 911 and frantically told them that he had ki*lled someone thinking it was a demon. The police on the line asked him to give the person CPR, and he counted along to do so. The police arrived on the spot, and it was none other than little Ella drenched in blood, and she had been stabbed 17 times. The police found out that no CPR was performed on the body, and Paris had pretended to do so. Not only that, traces of his semen were found on the bed covers of Ella and his own pants. This way, the case took a new turn.

A 13-Years Old Mu*rderer

On further investigation, it was found that Paris was a porn addict and not only simple porn, but he used to watch snuff films, which is an extreme type of porn where the person (either the guy or the girl) is murd*ered in the end. Not only was Ella stabbed 17 times, but her autopsy showed clear signs of beating and strangulation. Paris was arrested and taken to a juvenile prison.

Charity, who first thought that her son had accidentally ki*lled Ella as he kept saying he thought it was a demon, realized later that it was not just an accident. She went to confront him and tell him that she knew he had done it on purpose, to which he said,

“It took you fu*cking long enough.”

What Happened to Paris?

He was diagnosed with Pathological Narcissism and was sent to prison for 40 years without the possibility of parole. Paris told Charity that he did all this out of spite for her and to get revenge for the relapse she had years ago. He wanted to punish her by taking her children away from her, both Ella and himself. He even tried to att*ack Charity when the police rescued her. She said,

“My son molested and k*illed my daughter to make me suffer- and I forgive him.”

While Paris is still serving his time in prison, Charity had another son and named him Phoenix. She is a public speaker now who works to motivate people who have had such events in their lives.

Paris will serve 40 years in prison, and he will be out in his early 50s. The question is, will a guy who was a cold-hearted mur*derer at the age of 13 be safe to let out of prison?

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