On January 27, 2017, at 8:10 pm, Elaine Park arrived at the Calabasas home of her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Divine (Div) Compere, the son of film producer and successful businessman, Shakim Compere. The 20-year-old parked and made her way inside.

Just before 10 pm, the couple took an Uber to the movies. They returned to Div’s home at 12:43 am where Elaine spent the night.

At 6:04 am, a surveillance camera captured Elaine exiting Div’s home and walking in the direction of her gray 2015 Honda Civic. Curiously, the camera stopped recording before she made it to the car. However, an automatic license plate reader captured Elaine’s car exit the gated community at 6:07. Tragically, Elaine was never seen again.

Vanished Without a Trace…

Susan Park reported her daughter missing on January 30.

5 harrowing days later on February 2, Elaine’s car was found abandoned on the shoulder of the Pacific Coast Hwy near Malibu Beach RV Park. The vehicle was unlocked, the keys were left in the ignition and the battery was dead.

Found inside was Elaine’s iPhone 7, laptop, black backpack, blue duffel bag containing make-up, and $37 in cash. Her broken iPhone 6 was in the center console. There were no signs of a struggle and no blood was found in the vehicle.

Those who knew Elaine agreed she was a messy person and they found it bizarre that all of the property found inside her vehicle was neatly organized.

Div told authorities that Elaine woke up at 4 am in a panicked state, “singing and dancing.” He said he attempted to calm her down but she “threw her clothes on” and left. However, Elaine wasn’t seen leaving the residence for another two hours. It’s unclear what exactly took place in that time and Elaine’s loved ones insist she wasn’t prone to panic at*tacks.

Cadaver dogs, drones, and a dive team were deployed yet no sign of Elaine was found and five years later, many are still searching for answers.

Before Elaine Disappeared…

In May 2016, Elaine and a friend were involved in a car accident. Despite the fact Elaine was uninjured, Susan filed an insurance claim. Elaine texted her mother, “It either better be linked directly to my checking account, or if it’s a physical check, directly in my hands. The full amount. I’m going to call the office and make sure you’re not pulling any snake shit, either.”

In July, Susan and Elaine got into an argument over text messages. According to the Live and Die in LA podcast, Susan wanted Elaine to visit a chiropractor to support the insurance claim but she refused. Enraged, Susan allegedly sent her daughter several abusive texts — eight of them simply being: “DIE!!!”

In December, Susan was laid off from her job and sent several abusive texts to Elaine regarding petty amounts of borrowed cash ranging from $2 to $30. Five days before Elaine disappeared, Susan texted her, “F*cking messy b*tch.”

On To Live and Die in LA podcast, it was revealed that Elaine was gang-raped at a party shortly before she went missing and that she posted about it on social media. However, the posts were gone following her disappearance.

Suspects & Theories…

Div Compere: Elaine’s on-and-off boyfriend

Elaine and Div dated for three months from November 2016 until the beginning of January when she broke up with him via text message.

Elaine broke up with Div shortly before her disappearance but they reunited the night before her disappearance

The Uber driver who took Elaine and Div back to his home after the movies told detectives that the couple argued over jealousy issues during the ride.

Many have accused Div and his family of editing the surveillance footage, questioning why it cut off before she entered her vehicle. Some even question whether it was actually Elaine on the footage, to begin with.

Div was ultimately ruled out as a suspect. According to the authorities, he was cooperative with the investigation and there is no evidence directly tying him to Elaine’s disappearance. Regardless, many still believe he knows something.

Susan Park: Elaine’s mother

Shortly after Elaine’s disappearance, Susan rented out her room, claiming she needed the money. She threw out Elaine’s furniture and rehomed her cats. Curiously, an unexplained crack was found on the door to Elaine’s room.

Susan took a polygraph test. She was asked whether she knew Elaine’s whereabouts and if she was involved in her disappearance. Susan answered “no” to both questions and the test showed she was being truthful.

Elaine and Susan had an incredibly strained and toxic mother-daughter relationship and Susan readily admits she was not the best mother, however, being a poor parent does not necessarily make someone a murd*erer.


Elaine was known to struggle with depression. She had recently dropped out of college and had been fired from her job at a local restaurant. Her former boss claimed she had been an excellent employee up until 3 months prior to her disappearance (the same time span of her relationship with Div) and that she often showed up to work under the influence of marijuana.

On February 1, 2017, at 11:51 am, a woman matching Elaine’s disappearance was captured on surveillance footage at a 76 Gas Station on the Pacific Coast Highway next to where her car was later found abandoned. If this was Elaine, that would mean she left Div’s home alive. It has been theorized she suffered from a mental breakdown and took her own life.

Abduction/Sex Trafficking/Silenced

Another possible theory is that Elaine was abducted by a stranger. She could have been killed or forced into sex trafficking, however, the location where her car was found was heavily populated and no one claimed to have seen anything suspicious. Alternatively, Elaine could have been silenced by those accused of raping her at a party shortly before her disappearance.

Someone Knows Something…

Elaine’s parents divorced in 2007. She lived in La Crescenta, California with her mother Susan. After graduating from Crescenta Valley High School, Elaine briefly attended Pierce College. She was an aspiring actress and appeared in several TV shows such as Desperate Housewives and ER.

Elaine was last seen wearing denim shorts, a white hoodie, and black Doc Martens. She has a cow skull tattoo and a butterfly tattoo on her upper left arm, a dagger on her lower right arm, and a rose tattoo on her left shoulder. She is 5ƌ” and 125 lbs with brown eyes and brown hair with blonde tips.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Elaine Park, contact the Glendale Police Department at 818-548-3135 or the anonymous Elaine Park tip line at 818-275-1792. There is a $275,000 reward available.

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