On June 9, 1995, Morgan accompanied her mother to a Little League Baseball game in Alma, Arkansas. Later that evening, she went outside with her friends to catch lightning bugs close to the baseball field.

At around 10:45 p.m., Morgan was last seen standing next to her mother’s Nissan Stanza in the parking lot. At the time, she was removing sand from her shoes. She has not been seen or heard from since.

Authorities were informed by witnesses that they saw an unidentified Caucasian male earlier in the evening watching Morgan play on the field. Investigators have not publicly disclosed any additional information about the conversation, but it appears that the man asked Morgan’s companions a question as he approached a group of kids who were playing with Morgan.

The suspect is described as being 6’0″ and 180 pounds, with an age range of roughly 23 to 38 in 1995. The suspect had three to four days’ worth of beard growth, a mustache, and hair that was either black or salt-and-pepper, combed to the back and possibly curly. He had a hairy chest as well. He had a “hillbilly” accent or dialect and wore cut-off blue jeans shorts without a shirt or shoes. With this case summary are drawings of the person who is accused of kidnapping Morgan.

It’s possible that the unidentified man was operating a red Ford pickup truck with a white camper shell that had curtains covering the windows. About the time Morgan vanished, the car drove out of the field’s parking area. Due to aging, the truck’s paint job was dull, and its wheel base was short. The camper might have had damage to its right back end. The camper appeared to be four to five inches shorter than the truck, according to witnesses.

Authorities later discovered that someone who was filming the Little League baseball games that evening had captured the truck on a home video. This case summary is posted along with a still image of the truck. However, it is impossible to see the truck’s driver.

On June 9 and 10, there were two attempted kidnappings nearby. A suspect in Alma lured a four-year-old girl into his red truck by acting like the person who kidnapped Morgan. When her mother saw them and yelled, the kidnapping was stopped and the girl was saved. A suspect attempted to lure a nine-year-old girl into the men’s room at a convenience store in Fort Smith, which is fifteen miles from Alma. When the girl resisted, he halted. The same man was involved in both incidents, according to the authorities.

Although it has not been confirmed that the man involved in these incidents is the same one wanted in connection with the disappearance of Morgan, authorities believe the incidents are connected because both he and his truck resembled the man sought in connection with her case.

Authorities identified Billy Jack Lincks as their top suspect in the kidnapping of Morgan in 2021. This case summary is posted with a picture of Lincks. He passed away in prison in 2000 while serving a sentence for attempting to kidnap a child. Within two months of Morgan’s disappearance and just a few miles from the place she was last seen, a child abduction attempt took place.

Researchers are attempting to gain more insight into Lincks’s life, relationships, and activities. He was raised in Crawford County, Arkansas, served in the American Army during World War II, and from 1962 to 1974, he was employed by Braniff Airlines in Dallas, Texas. In the late 1970s, he moved to Van Buren, Arkansas. Investigators think he had connections to Tennessee and Oklahoma, two states that border Arkansas.

Police were able to track down and seize Lincks’s pickup truck. On a seat, they discovered some hair and very small amounts of blood, but not enough DNA to identify anyone. They think the blue-green cotton fiber they discovered in the mat beneath the seats may have come from the Girl Scouts shirt Morgan was wearing the day she vanished.

Although Morgan has been reported to have been seen in recent years, no one has managed to find her. The suspect’s identity is still unknown, as is his potential vehicle.

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