This is such a heartbreaking tale of what this woman had to go through. Hannah and her friend just went out for a night out only for it to end in horror by some monsters.

Hannah was born on February 6th, 1996 in Cape Town, South Africa and she went to college in the next town over for language. Her parents wanted her to go to school to study law like them but understood she would have to follow her path in life.

On May 27th Hannah and her friend Cheslin Marshall went out to a local bar. On the way to drop off Cheslin at his house, they talked for a bit in the parking lot when 4 men approached the car armed with weapons. They both got seriously hurt before they kidnapped the two. They stopped at a gas station and tried to withdraw money from Hannah’s account but she gave them the wrong pin. The criminals got mad and hurt both even worse.

Cheslin and Hannah had to watch as each got beaten by these criminals and believed they were next to endure that pain. Hannah stared out in front of her and never looked at the men, just kept staring out in front of her while these men would do unspeakable acts to her.

They dumped out Cheslin thinking they were leaving him for dead. When he finally regained consciousness the next day he went to the police. He had no idea if Hannah was alive or dead by this point. As a result of the severe beating and much more he had taken, he had lost hearing in one of his ears.

Around 6 am they took Hannah to a secluded area and rapped her for about an hour then took her back in the car, drove about 12 miles from the spot they were at and this is where they took her life with a 2 ft rock.

After they were done with Hannah they went and robbed another two women. They drove one out near where they rapped Hannah and released her. Hours later police found them in Hannah’s car and they tried to make a run for it on foot but they were all eventually caught.

These men came in court smirking and one stuck out his tongue out in court and gave a thumbs up to the conviction they had received. They were found guilty of 10 counts, of robbery, kidnapping, abuse, and murd*er. Three of them got 2 life sentences and the 4th had gotten 22 years in prison for kidnapping and burglary.

Hannah’s mother Anne went out for a swim and never came home. She was an avid swimmer and drowned. Hannah’s father Willem believed that she could not take the slaughter of her daughter but he believed that she did not intend to k*ill herself. Willem and Anna went on to create the Hannah Cornelius Foundation to help children in their local area get into education and escape violence within their community.

I pray men like this die in prison. They do not deserve to see the outside world ever again for the horrific acts they had done. I don’t think the other man should have gotten such a lesser sentence. I just believe he was a part of this more and should be with them. Hope that each one realized what they had done and knows this is not the right act of any normal human. They should repent to the lord or I do not think with the mindsets they belong in heaven. I am not very religious but I just believe these men all belong in the opposite place.

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