35 year old Deanne Hastings disappeared from Spokane, Washington in November, 2015. She left a note stating that she was headed out to the grocery store, but never returned home.


Deanne was born on February 27, 1980, in Pahrump, Nevada. When Deanne was in the fourth grade her parents moved the family to Spokane, Washington.

She has three children, and lived with her boyfriend at the time of her disappearance.

Deanne had a history of struggling with mental illness. She was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, and had been having problems with her medications shortly before her disappearance.


On November 3, 2015, Deanne Hastings attended orientation at the Glen Dow Academy cosmetology school.

She returned home and left a note for her boyfriend, Mike Tibbetts, telling him that she had a good day and was off to the grocery store.

Deanne never returned home, and hasn’t been heard from since. She left all her belongings behind, including her identification and money.


After Deanne didn’t return home her boyfriend tracked her phone through GPS. He found her vehicle, along with her purse and cell phone inside, abandoned in a parking lot near the Knitting Factory.

Her driver’s license was found weeks later outside Sonnenberg’s Deli on Sprague Avenue.

The following afternoon, her credit card was used at the Trading Company on Inland Empire Way, not too far from her home outside Spokane, Washington. Surveillance video shows Deanne inside the store purchasing vodka and birthday candles.

According to several witnesses Deanne had asked for help before entering the store, claiming that she had been drugged & kidnapped. The police were called, and when the officer arrived around 12:30 pm an ambulance was already on scene.

They spoke to Deanne for awhile and decided to let her go. Deanne went inside the store, made her purchase, and was seen walking out of the parking lot towards a coffee shop. At that point the officer left.

Later that afternoon Deanne was seen on surveillance video walking with a man named Randy Riley and his friend by a nearby storage facility.

When questioned by police, they claimed that they had met Deanne that day and had hung out with her for a couple of hours. They say that the last time they saw her was when they left her on the side of the road, about 300 yards from her home.

A man later told authorities that he had given Deanne a ride to the Trading Company on the day she disappeared. He says she left her keys in his car, but that he did not know anything else about her disappearance.

On November 12 Randy Riley, one of the men last seen with Deanne on the afternoon she disappeared, was caught on video using her card at a gas station in Spokane Valley. The next day he was seen again, along with two others, using her EBT card at WinCo.

Riley admits that he used Deanne’s cards without her consent. He claims that he saw Deanne walking on South Inland Empire Way on the afternoon of November 4. He claims Deanne was belligerent, and that he ended up leaving her on the side of the road.

He said a day later he drove back by that area and stumbled across Deanne’s coat with her wallet inside. He claims that he threw her cards and ID out near the deli to make it look as if she was still walking around.

He was arrested and charged with possession of stolen property and identity theft, and spent several months in jail before being released in September of 2016.

Neither he, nor anyone else, has been charged in connection to Deanne’s disappearance.


The location of Deanne Hastings remains unknown. She had dropped out of sight for a few days at a time before, but never this long.

The circumstances regarding her disappearance remain unclear, and her case remains unsolved.


Caucasian female born on February 27, 1980. She has brown hair and brown eyes, stands 5’4 and weighs approximately 120 pounds.

She was 35 years old when she went missing in 2015.

She has several tattoos; flower & the names Brock, Brooklyn and Hayden on her abdomen, tribal art on her lower back, Thor’s hammer on her neck & the sun, moon and starts on her upper arm.

Investigating Agency

If you have any information on Deanne Hastings’ disappearance, no matter how small it may seem, please contact the Spokane Police Department at (509) 456-2233, or the Tipline at (509) 242-TIPS (8477).

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