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Grocery shops were securing egg cartons enclosed January 2023 with anti-theft tools amidst an egg scarcity.

Eggs are pricey nowadays — however are they that pricey? A widely-seen photo published on the social system Reddit revealed an individual holding a container of eggs that showed up to have actually been secured down with an anti-theft gadget.

Eggs locked down with anti-theft device

The meme seems spoofing the reality that in January 2023, rates for eggs were rising and also the milk item remained in brief supply as a result of, partly, an extensive break out of bird influenza. Citing the UNITED STATE Department of Agriculture, The New York Times reported that because February 2022, 57 million hens were influenced by the high infectious infection.

Flocks that were contaminated or revealed were “culled to prevent the virus from spreading, a measure that has resulted in the depopulation of more than 44 million laying hens in the U.S. since the outbreak,” according to the Times.

And while it’s feasible that a supermarket someplace had locks on egg cartons, we located no proof that it was an extensive technique, not the very least of all due to the fact that sometimes, customers and also shop staff members raise the covers of egg cartons to ensure none are damaged prior to they leave the facility. Following on that, anybody that can get rid of an egg from a container and also conceal it in order to swipe it without damaging it is possibly a lot more dexterous than standard.

We located no proof since this contacting sustain the case that supermarket were, as a sector technique, connecting locks to egg cartons. We will certainly upgrade this tale if additional details emerges.


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