In January 2023, Pennsylvania social workers received allegations of severe child abu*se against Lauren and Jacob Maloberti. By February, their 5-year-old adopted son, Landon, was d*ead. Medical experts indicated Landon had been severely abu*sed.

After the report, social workers spoke to other children in the home, Lauren’s coworkers, and family members. She allegedly made many alarming comments regarding Landon to her coworkers, including that she “hated him” and claimed the child was “hard to love.”

The children told state workers they witnessed Lauren smack, hit, and punch Landon on several occasions., watched as she forced him to drink from a toilet, sprayed him with water, and isolated him from the rest of the family.

State workers obtained text messages between Lauren and her husband dated between April 2022 and February 2023. In many text messages, both Lauren and Jacob show disdain for Landon. In one text message, Lauren texted Jacbon “I am going to kil*l him.”

Landon Transported to Hospital, D*ied a Week Later

When Lauren transported an unresponsive Landon to the hospital on January 30, 2023, she told doctors he had fallen down a flight of stairs the day before. They knew differently. Hospital staff told police that Lauren did not appear concerned or show a sense of urgency when she arrived at the hospital.

According to medical records, Landon suffered blunt force trauma to his head and neck, blunt force trauma to his extremities, and blunt force trauma to his torso. Lauren allegedly ab*used Landon on January 29, although waited a full 24 hours until the child fell unconscious before she sought medical attention for him.

Due to the severity of Landon’s injuries, he was transported to another hospital more apt to care for his condition. A doctor at this hospital said the child suffered three brain bleeds and that his brain had been “obliterated.” he went on to say that Lauren should have taken Landon to a hospital immediately after inflicting the injuries.

Landon suffered multiple bruises across his body, had rotational head trauma consistent with severe child ab*use, and could not breathe on his own.

Despite Landon’s condition, police did not immediately make an arrest. The Malobertis started a GoFundMe on February 1 with the title “Our precious baby boy went unresponsive.” The campaign, which had raised over $5,000, was shut down by GFM in August after police officially charged the couple in the child’s mu*rder. All donations raised for the couple were returned to the rightful donor.

Lauren and Jacob Arrested

Police charged Lauren with criminal homicide, first-degree mu*rder, endangering the welfare of a child, aggravated assault of a child, and criminal conspiracy.

Jacob avoided a murd*er charge but was charged with endangering the welfare of a child, two counts of aggravated assault, and criminal conspiracy.

During a preliminary hearing for the couple, Dr. Michelle Clayton testified:

“Landon was subjected to torture. This was ongoing physical ab*use, emotional abu*se, and psychological abu*se.”

A judge denied bond for both individuals. They are awaiting trial.

Rest Easy, sweet little Landon. My deepest condolences to his loved ones.

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