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A plant exists that resembles a human/mammalian vagina.

In late November 2022, a Reddit individual uploaded an photo of a plant that appeared like, for absence of a much better contrast, a vagina.

Although it resembles something produced by the minds behind the 1986 scary funny “Little Shop of Horrors,” the plant is genuine. The taxonomic name for it is, as the Reddit post states, Hydnorra africana, extra typically referred to as jackal food.

In a message concerning the interested plant on its Facebook web page, the American Museum of Natural History, in New York City, defined the plant as a bloodsucker that siphons nutrients off its host plants. Native to Africa, the plant’s blossoms initial expand underground, after that surface area after a hefty rainfall.

“Once above ground, the flower gives off a carrion-like stench to attract insects that help pollinate it. The fruit of jackal food, which is similar to a potato, attracts a different crowd: animals like jackals, porcupines, and moles.”

This being Snopes, we have actually formerly reported on genital-like plants, maybe one of the most preferred being this “penis flytrap” plant.


“A Flower That Smells like Poop and Resembles Vagina Dentata.” Gizmodo, 17Apr 2012,

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