Quiana refused to buy the boy a virtual reality headset before he sh*ot her.

An 10-year-old boy from Milwaukee, WI, who fatally sh*ot his mother in the eye at close range will be charged as an adult in the case. The boy’s name has not been released. His mother, Quiana Mann, 44, died on November 21, 2022.

The child, who was 10 years old when he s*hot his mother, retrieved the key to the gun safe early on the morning of November 21 after his mother woke him up at 6:00 a.m. when he usually sleeps until 6:30 a.m.

Child Ordered VR Headset From Amazon

After shooting his mother, the young boy hid the gun. He then logged into his mother’s online Amazon account and purchased the VR set he had asked her to buy for him. Hours later, he confessed to his older sister that he had sh*ot their mother. He also allegedly told an aunt that he aimed the gun at his mother. The girl notified authorities.

A neighbor reported hearing screaming coming from the apartment near 87th and Magnolia, although assumed the family had been arguing. He did not report hearing any gunsh*ots.

After shooting his mother, the boy logged into her Amazon account and purchased the VR headset he wanted.

Family Raises Concerns; Child Taken Into Custody

The family initially believed the shooting was an accident, as did the police. He was initially allowed to return home to stay with his family. The next day, however, the family called the police because they believed the shooting was not an accident. He confessed to his aunt that he ‘aimed’ the gun at his mother’s eye and was angry that she woke him up 30 minutes early and would not buy the VR headset for him.

He then told his aunt he was sorry he sh*ot his mother but wanted to know if his VR headset had arrived. Police took the boy into custody.

Lurietha Mann, the boy’s grandmother, told reporters that he ‘hears voices’ and has ‘psychiatric problems.’ He also had been given a “concerning diagnosis” from healthcare providers prior to the murder.

“We tried helping her with him. All of us, everybody that knows her, even her church people,” Mann told reporters. “We all tried helping her with him because we knew he had a mental illness.”

Up to 60 Years in Pr*ison

The decision to charge the child as an adult in his mother’s murder came after evaluations from two psychologists. The medical experts disagreed about the boy’s mental health state. Nonetheless, the judge chose to charge him as an adult with first-degree murder. He faces up to 60 years in pr*ison if convicted.

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