The Kansas City Chiefs fan who said he slept for two days as his three friends froze to de*ath in his backyard has checked into rehab, according to a report.

Jordan Willis, 38, is “facing his addiction head-on,” a source close to the family said, calling the de*aths of his friends an “enormous wakeup call.”

“After the shocking loss of three of his close friends under extremely tragic circumstances, Jordan recognized that he had a problem with addiction,” the source said, without elaborating on the exact nature.

“He immediately checked himself into rehab after vacating his home and putting his things into storage.”

The bodies of Willis’ friends — Ricky Johnson, 38, Clayton McGeeney, 36, and David Harrington, 37 — were discovered outside his Kansas City rental home late Jan. 9.

The three men were last seen alive two days earlier, at a small watch party for the Kansas City Chiefs’ Jan. 7 playoff game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

A fifth friend, Alex Waemer-Lee, said he left the gathering around 11 p.m. Jan. 7 while the four remaining men were watching “Jeopardy!,” said Willis’ attorney Andrew Talge.

The bodies were found nearly two days later, when McGeeney’s worried fiancée broke into Willis’ property and saw one of them frozen in the yard.

Willis — who was wearing underwear and holding a wine glass when police arrived — claimed to have been asleep for nearly two days and said he did not realize his friends were d*ead outside.

The deceased men’s toxicology reports are still pending — though two of them were supposedly seen arriving at Willis’ with two 30-packs of beer.

Waemer-Lee is also alleged to have texted other friends about drug use at Willis’ house during the watch party, the outlet added.

Experts have indicated that alcohol or drugs like fentanyl or a related analog could have caused the men to pass out in the snow and succumb to the 30-degree weather, Fox noted.

While the police have said the case is not being investigated as foul play, some of the deceased men’s loved ones alleged that Willis played some role in their unfortunate de*aths.

“[Harrington’s mother] and I are both convinced that Jordan Willis played a part in this somehow,” David Harrington’s father, Jon, said last week.

“There were four of you in the house and now three of them are de*ad and you’re not. That doesn’t add up,” the grieving father continued.

“I’m thinking that he, the three of them learned something or saw something that they shouldn’t have seen, and he decided, ‘Well, I need to get rid of you now.’ Friends or not,” he added.

Other relatives have gone so far as to imply that the incident could be linked to Willis’ work as an HIV scientist with the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative’s Neutralizing Antibody Center, Schief Lab.

“The mad scientist agenda is absolutely ridiculous,” a source close to the Willis family told Fox Nation last week.

Willis was “very depressed” by the loss of his friends and the subsequent scrutiny, a source previously said.

“Not only is the whole country accusing him of mur*dering his friends without factual details, evidence or any charges at this time, but he also lost three close friends,” the source lamented.

Willis’ father, Rodney, also publicly defended his son, and insisted that he would “never in a million years do anything” to harm his friends.

After his friends’ bodies were found, Willis quickly moved out of his home and hid out at a nearby rental.

The Kansas City native kept a low profile due to fear of “retaliation,” his lawyer explained.

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