The shocking case of Dr. Connor Bowman, a former Mayo Clinic doctor, has captivated the nation. Accused of po*isoning his wife, Betty Bowman, the details of this alleged crime paint a disturbing picture of deceit and betrayal. In this article, we will delve into the timeline of events, the motive behind the alleged p*oisoning, the investigation process, and the subsequent charges faced by Dr. Bowman.

The Marriage on the Rocks

Strained Relationship and Marital Problems

Dr. Connor Bowman and Betty Bowman had been experiencing marital issues leading up to the tragic events. According to witnesses and friends, the couple had been engaging in an “open relationship” but had agreed not to develop emotional attachments to other partners. However, things took a turn when Dr. Bowman became infatuated with a new girlfriend, leading Betty to confront him about the situation and even consider divorce proceedings.

Financial Troubles and Hidden Debt

Unbeknownst to Betty, Dr. Bowman had concealed significant debt from her. Friends revealed that she discovered this hidden debt through bills in the mail, which made their financial situation even more strained. The revelation of the debt added further tension to their already troubled marriage.

The Alleged Po*isoning Attempts

The Suspicious Smoothie Incident

Ten days before Betty’s tragic demise, she had a friend over to their home. During this visit, Betty asked her friend to try a smoothie that Dr. Bowman had prepared for her. The friend noticed that the smoothie tasted unusual, describing it as “bitter and salty,” unlike a typical smoothie. Both Betty and her friend jokingly speculated that Dr. Bowman might have been trying to po*ison her, but they dismissed it at the time. Nevertheless, this incident raised suspicions in hindsight.

The Fatal Po*isoning

On August 16th, Betty fell ill after consuming a smoothie prepared by Dr. Bowman. She was admitted to the hospital, where her condition rapidly deteriorated. Betty experienced cardiac issues, fluid in her lungs, and organ failure. Despite the medical team’s best efforts, she tragically passed away on August 20th, just four days after being hospitalized.

The Investigation Unveils Disturbing Details

Medical Examiner’s Intervention

The Southeast Minnesota Medical Examiner’s Office intervened following Betty’s de*ath, suspecting foul play. They prevented the immediate cremation of her body due to the unusual circumstances surrounding her demise. The medical examiner’s suspicions triggered a thorough investigation into the case.

Toxicology Reports and Colchicine

Toxicology reports conducted on Betty’s body revealed the presence of colchicine, a drug typically used to treat gout. Intriguingly, Betty had no history of gout, nor was she administered colchicine during her hospital stay. This discovery raised red flags, suggesting that Dr. Bowman might have used colchicine as a lethal poi*son.

Connor Bowman’s Medical Background and Potential Motive

As a former po*ison control specialist and internal medicine doctor, Dr. Bowman possessed both the knowledge and access to toxic substances. Investigators uncovered evidence suggesting that he had been researching colchicine and had even made purchases related to the drug. Additionally, friends disclosed that Dr. Bowman had mentioned receiving a substantial life insurance payout following Betty’s de*ath, further raising suspicions about his motives.

The Legal Proceedings

Initial Charges and Grand Jury Indictment

Upon his arrest, Dr. Bowman was initially charged with second-degree mur*der. However, a grand jury in Olmsted County, Minnesota, later indicted him on charges of first-degree mur*der, premeditated and with intent. The upgraded charges indicate the prosecution’s belief that Dr. Bowman planned and executed the po*isoning intentionally.

Potential Consequences

If convicted of first-degree mur*der, Dr. Bowman could face a life sentence in prison without the possibility of parole. The severity of the charges reflects the gravity of the alleged crime and the devastating loss suffered by Betty’s family and friends.


The case of Dr. Connor Bowman and the fatal po*isoning of his wife, Betty Bowman, has sent shockwaves through the community. The alleged betrayal, deceit, and premeditation involved in this tragedy have left many searching for answers. As the legal proceedings continue, the truth behind these disturbing events will hopefully come to light, providing closure to those affected by this heartbreaking crime.

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