Jacob Carter, the co-founder of Howdy Bagel in Tacoma, was tragically shot while on vacation with his husband Daniel Blagovich in New Orleans on January 5, 2024. Here are the key details about this unfortunate incident:

Shooting Incident

Carter was fatally shot at about 1:30 a.m. at the intersection of Bourbon and Kerlerec streets in the Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans.

The shooting occurred when someone approached Carter and his husband on Bourbon Street, shot Carter, and then fled the scene.

Emergency medical services arrived shortly after but pronounced Carter deceased at the scene.

Arrest of Suspect

A 16-year-old male has been arrested in connection with the shooting death of Jacob Carter.

The suspect was arrested in Jefferson Parish and is being held on unrelated charges, with an outstanding warrant for second-degree murder from the New Orleans Police Department.

Once released from Jefferson Parish, the suspect will be transported to Orleans Parish and booked on second-degree murder.

Response and Fundraiser

The local community, including businesses in Tacoma, has shown support for Howdy Bagel and Carter’s family by donating to a fundraiser supporting his husband, Daniel Blagovich, and the staff.

Jacob Carter, the co-founder of Howdy Bagel in Tacoma

A GoFundMe page has raised over $219,000 to support Carter’s family and cover the shop’s costs and employee wages during this difficult time.

This tragic incident has deeply impacted the community and efforts are ongoing to support Carter’s family and seek justice for the senseless act of violence that took his life.

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