A pregnant 18-year-old and her boyfriend were found de*ad Tuesday afternoon in the Medical Center area of San Antonio after a two-day search.

The Leon Valley Police Department had listed both as missing and was investigating leads to try to find them.

The family of Matthew Guerra confirmed that police told them both Matthew and Savanah Nicole Soto, who was pregnant, were found de*ad inside a vehicle.

The department issued a CLEAR Alert on Monday for Savanah, whose baby was a week overdue when she was scheduled to go to the hospital to be induced on Saturday night. She never appeared.

Savanah’s mother said she last heard from her daughter Friday. She was last seen around 2 p.m. Friday at the Valencia Lofts apartments off Grissom Road in Leon Valley.

Leon Valley Police said earlier Tuesday afternoon that Matthew Guerra also was classified as a missing person. An officer said Guerra’s family originally contacted San Antonio Police, who then forwarded the case to Leon Valley.

Savanah Soto’s family organized a search Christmas night. They gathered at the apartment complex where she was last seen in Leon Valley. From there, family and friends drove around the area.

‘She was going to be a mommy’

“Savanah was so, so happy because she was going to be a mommy. It breaks my heart,” said Gloria Cordova, Savanah’s mother, said as the search continued Monday.

Cordova said her daughter was ready to be a mom. She had the nursey done and had planned on giving birth with her mother in the delivery room.

However, by Saturday afternoon, Cordova could not reach her daughter. She decided to check on her at her apartment.

“I went by there and knocked and knocked and knocked and she wasn’t answering,” Cordova said.

She filed a police report with Leon Valley Police. She said something seemed off and they could not get a hold of her boyfriend, either.

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