Kathrynn Sholly Seefeldt was a 12-year-old student at Osage Trail Middle School in Independence, Missouri. She had a twin brother, Kodie, and her mother described her as an outgoing and loving child who enjoyed writing and drawing.

On October 12, 2002, Kathrynn and her mother, Sholly Seefeldt, argued after she didn’t let her go to a party because she was grounded. The two spent the evening watching movies, and when Sholly went to bed, she let Kathrynn stay up to rewatch a movie.

At 1 AM, Sholly overheard Kathrynn on the phone. They didn’t have caller ID, so no one knows who she was talking to.

“You can’t call me this late, I’ll be grounded even longer.”

When Sholly awoke in the morning, Kathrynn was not at their home in the 19000 block of 18th Street North. Her new school clothes were also gone.

Kathrynn had run away from home before. She had gone to Buckner (about half an hour from Independence) for a few days, and when Sholly found her, she told her the next time she’d run away, it would be for good.

Because it wasn’t the first time, Sholly assumed Kathrynn would be at school the following Monday. She wasn’t, and Sholly had to report her daughter missing two days after she was last seen at home.

The 12-year-old girl had a routine doctor’s appointment scheduled for that Monday. Based on her behavior, Sholly believes Kathrynn may have gotten pregnant when she ran away to Buckner about five months before.

Jackson County authorities believe she left on her own accord. A witness claims Kathrynn was at a party at an apartment complex the night she left home.

However, given the time that has passed without any sign of her, she is likely now deceased. In 2011, authorities spent several weeks searching a farm near Blue Mills and Koger Roads in the eastern area of Jackson County. Though her remains were not found, police did not say if any evidence was collected. Sheriff Mike Sharp still had hope Kathrynn was alive,

“My hope is that the little girl — now young lady — sees this story and says there is no need to look for me. That’s my hope.”

Sholly has chased down leads on her own. There were rumors that Kathrynn was involved in prostitution and drug trafficking, so Sholly went undercover but was arrested during a sting operation and went to jail.

As of 2024, the case is still open and active. Detective Joshua Cox stated,

“We’ve had multiple detectives and multiple deputies working the case over the years. It’s a big case and we’ve gotten tips over the years, but we still need to get new information.”

Kathrynn Seefeldt has been missing for 22 years. If alive, she is now 35 years old.

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