41-year-old Laynee Danielle Westbrook was last seen in Anacortes, Washington on September 10, 2020. She disappeared after leaving her hotel room to spend the night with a friend.


Laynee Westbrook was born on January 31, 1979. She attended Anacortes High School and Euro Institute of Skin Care Esthetics School.

In July 2020, Westbrook started staying at San Juan Motel, a hotel on Sixth Street in Anacortes, Washington.

At the time of her disappearance, Westbrook was living with her boyfriend and her dog, a rat terrier with a stub tail named Precious, at the San Juan Motel. She worked at a local Safeway.


On September 10, 2020, Laynee Westbrook was last seen in Anacortes, Washington.

At 7:11 pm, Westbrook was captured on surveillance video leaving the San Juan Motel with her dog and getting into a white single-cab Dodge Ram pickup truck with a man she knew.

Around 7:30 pm, Westbrook was last seen with the same man buying some groceries at the Chevron gas station on Casino Drive next to Swinomish Lodge & Casino.

Laynee Westbrook never returned to her hotel room that night and hasn’t been heard from since. Her dog is also missing.

On September 13, 2020, her mother filed a missing person’s report with the Anacortes Police Department after the hotel staff contacted her, saying no one had seen Laynee for several days.


When questioned by authorities the man Laynee was last seen with verified that he did pick her and her dog up at the San Juan motel that evening. He says they then drove to the nearby Thousand Trails campground where he had been staying to enjoy dinner together.

On the night Laynee disappeared a park ranger was called by residents of that campground to report two people arguing about a missing dog.

The man claims he dropped Laynee off at Causland Memorial Park around 3:00 am, about two blocks away from the San Juan Motel, so she could walk her dog on the way back home.

Laynee’s phone records, bank account, and social media have had no activity since she disappeared.


Police found no evidence of foul play in Laynee Westbrook’s disappearance. A $10,000 reward is being offered by Laynee’s family for information leading to her discovery.

The circumstances of Laynee Westbrook’s disappearance remain unclear and her case is currently classified as missing. Her case remains unsolved.


Physical Description:
White female with brown hair and green eyes. Laynee is 5’8 – 5’9 tall and weighs 120 – 140 pounds.

Distinctive Physical Features:
No information available.

Clothing and accessories:
Laynee was last seen wearing a black shirt, blue jeans and white sandals.

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